Best Forex Broker

Here are few of the Best Forex Brokers of 2019

by Spread and Commission

What to look for in a Forex Broker?

1. Trust Worthy

The first thing you want to look in a Forex Broker if they're trust worthy, you don't want to have trouble when it comes to width drawing your earnings, so be sure to go with a reputable Forex Broker, make sure you check if they're regulated

2. Low Ping to You / Your VPS

They're a lot of good broker out there the next factor is to see if you can get a good connection or at least your EA can get a good connection to your broker, Most Broker's server is located in London or NY Equinix Server. If you're trading using an EA you might consider getting a VPS with less than 1 milli seconds ping time. Our list of best Forex VPS will be coming up.

3. Lowest Possible Spread

For most Algorithmic or non Algo trader, this is what separates people from choosing one broker from the other one, every time you open a trade, you loses money. But the question is how much? The above table show case how much you'll lose when you open a trade, the key is to lose as less as possible.

4. Leverage

If you like to live dangerously this is what you might like to look at. Some traders don't like opening a lot size too big that it might blow their account, but some traders love to push their trading when it matters. Therefore this factor is pretty low down this list.